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Tejas Somaiya

A licensed Real Estate Agent, Tejas Somaiya is energetic and proficient. He is known in the industry for his immense market knowledge. He has an extensive experience for more than 10 years in sales and has worked with some of the most renowned Real Estate Agencies in Australia. 

He started TJS Agency with the intention to working with his clients more closely and giving them an unmatched service. He is quick to understand the underlying needs of all parties, always going the extra yards to ensure transparency while creating a positive environment and robust market for the sale of a home.

An outstanding performer who constantly proves that he is a skilled negotiator which ensures that he has a long standing career in Real Estate. Tejas strives on over achieving and has a positive outlook, attention to detail and an enthusiastic demeanour.

He also has an eye for selecting the right people to work for his company, who are beyond motivated and passionate about what they do. Tejas provides them immense support, the best technology available and a fun environment that allows them to excel.

Tejas is passionate about his work, delivering nothing less than the best with his almost contagious optimistic and enthusiastic approach. He understands the unique nature of each client, which enables him to come up with individual strategies that will appeal to their situation. 

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Namrata (Namy) Somaiya

Namrata Somaiya (Namy) works with her clients to create the space of their dreams. Right from pulling together, or completing a room, whether it’s finding the perfect theme for their room, giving them some tips to style their new home, or consultancy on finishing touches which bring the look & feel together, she does it all.

With excellent communication skills, Namy has a hands on approach in interior designing.

Having worked as a Consultant in interior designing overseas, her background allows her to help people in making their new home even more beautiful and one that they will appreciate in years to come. In essence, Namy is able to explain not only the potential of a home but also why a beautiful new home feels so wonderful and what differentiates it from other properties on the market. 

Namy has the ability to add value to the sale process which is a great point of difference. This unique quality of hers gives TJS Agency an edge in the market when it comes to selling a property that the would-be buyer is sure to fall in love with. 

Namy is the perfect choice if you want to add value to the sale process by not just selling it but by truly maximising the value of your greatest asset.